Local Online Advertising: 31% Growth Projected

A report by Borrell & Associates predicts that local online advertising revenue will reach $24.5 billion in 2013, up 30.8% over last year. The report surveyed 1,756 small and midsize businesses in December.  Read More . . . .

SMBs Moving to Digital Marketing

Small businesses spend about $3000 annually on marketing. While that number has remained flat, the portion spent on digital marketing – including websites, online advertising and social media – has increased dramatically this year. – BIA/Kelsey

USA4SALE Awards Lake City, Florida Franchise

Lakecity4sale Classified Franchise

LAKE CITY, FL — For more than 50 years the Lake City Advertiser has been the local source for classified advertising in North Florida. The Advertiser  is now expanding its services online with LakeCity4sale.com, a USA4SALE franchise that offers free online classifieds and smart local advertising for businesses.

“We look forward to offering this service to Lake City, Live Oak and surrounding areas,” says Noah Walker, who is managing the new operation. “This is an exciting step for our business and our community.”

“For more than a decade we’ve worked to develop a local marketplace that is effective, fun and easy to use,” said USA4SALE Founder and CEO Michael Warren. “LakeCity4sale.com will give North Florida an online classified marketplace that serves individuals as well as businesses. It will have the kind of local support and trust that has been a hallmark of the Lake City Advertiser’s community publishing.”

USA4SALE has served local buyers and sellers since 1998 with free online classifieds. Its flagship marketplace, Ocala4sale.com, is ranked among the nation’s Top 20 classified websites. With local ownership and customer support, USA4SALE combines the tradition and service of community publishing with the power of online advertising.


Michael Warren, President & Founder
22 S. Pine Ave., Ocala FL 34471
Phone: 352-547-2181


Local Internet Revenue Projected

A report from BIA/Kelsey forecasts 13 percent growth in local online advertising revenue in 2012. But some segments of local media have already exceeded that growth rate. Click for more details.  “We continue to see a dramatic increase in spending on online media and it is fundamentally changing the media planning and buying process for advertisers,” said Mark Fratrik, vice president and chief economist, BIA/Kelsey.

Lakeland Franchise from USA4SALE

LAKELAND, FL — USA4SALE, a leader in online classified publishing since 1998, is offering a digital media franchise in the Lakeland, Florida market. The innovative, royalty-free franchise model from USA4SALE puts the power of the local marketplace to work, offering local online advertising for small businesses and free classifieds for private sellers.

USA4SALE is seeking individuals with a strong background in business-to-business sales and marketing to operate a businesses that is similar to a newspaper franchise.

“Local online advertising is growing rapidly,” according to co-founder Michael Warren. “Our deep experience in local online classifieds has enabled us to produce a business that effectively serves small businesses and the community. By franchising, we’re able to put our experience to work in communities throughout Florida. “

For more information, about our Lakeland Franchise Opportunity read 8 Reasons to Consider an Online Franchise with USA4SALE.


Franchise Opportunity in The Villages

THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA — Classified advertising has gone digital, and the online franchise opportunity from USA4SALE is now coming to The Villages.

USA4SALE is seeking a local franchisee with experience in media sales to develop a digital marketplace in this thriving Florida community that includes The Villages, Lady Lake and surrounding communities.

USA4SALE, a leader in online classified advertising since 1998, is offering a unique royalty-free franchise in The Villages. This opportunity (Villages4Sale.com) is based on the model developed as Ocala4sale.com, one of central Florida’s most popular websites.

At USA4SALE our training and support gives you a competitive advantage backed by more than a decade of success. Our management team has deep knowledge of local Internet advertising, online marketing and online publishing. And our marketplace model is backed by proprietary technology and supported by passionate service and franchise training.

Interested in reading more about our Villages franchise? Click here to learn more about our franchise opportunity.

Sarasota Franchise for Sale: Online Publishing

SARASOTA, FL — Do you believe Sarasota needs a new kind of classified marketplace? Are you interested in a business that creates opportunity for your community as well as yourself?

USA4SALE is now offering a unique online franchise in Sarasota, Florida based on the successful model of Ocala4sale.com, one of the nation’s leading local classified websites. If you have a background in digital media, online publishing and advertising sales, this may be your opportunity to take advantage of the growth in local online advertising. With a  USA4SALE franchise, you’ll be in business for yourself . . . but not by yourself. You’ll have the experience of more than a decade of successful online publishing at your service.

To learn more, click to read about our Sarasota franchise for sale or call (532) 547-2195.

Local Digital Advertising Forecast

According to a new report from Borrell Associates, local advertisers will spend more on digital ads than in newspapers by 2013, and soon after the ad market will rapidly shift to mobile devices. Read the full report at Poynter.


Crystal River Franchise for Sale

CRYSTAL RIVER, FL — Do you want to be in business for yourself . . . but not by yourself?

Crystal River Franchise

USA4SALE is offering a unique franchise opportunity on Florida's Nature Coast.

USA4SALE is offering a unique franchise opportunity in Crystal River and the Nature Coast for an experienced advertising sales or marketing professional. This  local business is built on the popular classified advertising model seen at Ocala4sale.com, which has served central Florida since 1998.

If you’ve got a passion for community publishing, digital media sales, or Internet marketing, we’d like to hear from you. Click to read more about our Crystal River franchise.

Growth in Classified Ad Spending

Classified ad and directory spending is projected to grow from $3 billion in 2011  to $4.3 billion in 2015, according to a forecast by eMarketer. online ad spending growthAccording to an article in TechCrunch: “Online ad spending keeps ramping up thanks to an upswing in display advertising. A new forecast from eMarketer puts online ad spending at $31.3 billion this year, up 20 percent. That is double the 10.5 percent growth rate it put out last December for 2011. The new forecast shows online ad spending reaching nearly $50 billion in 2015.”

Click here to read the article in TechCrunch.